Top 10 Banks in Singapore
Singapore got the best banks in the world
Window Dressing: The Power of Curtains in Transforming Your Home
Discover the simple yet powerful secret to enhancing your home's ambiance with the perfect set of curtains. From privacy to style, curtains are the versatile solution you never knew you …
Great News - Regional Sport Centre, Polyclinic, Library and Town park in Toa Payoh by 2030
A massive 12-hectare complex will consist of a regional sports center, a polyclinic, a public library, and a regional town park.
Singapore Police Advice: Download from the Official App Store
The Singaporean police have warned people against downloading files from unknown sources on their phones because it can result in the loss of personal photos and videos, and put their …
An event that occurs every 171 years - Moon, Jupiter & Venus aligned
Star light, star bright.. The planets are aligned tonight.
Land Transportation Authority starts to phase out standard tickets on 2022
Digital payments only for transportation tickets in Singapore
What are the things you should know about Omicron?
Scientific and health experts are still studying the Covid19 Omicron Variant.
Hiring a painting contractor in Singapore? Here are some things you should note.
Needing a paint job is something that we often tend to ignore and "save for when I'm free".
Hari Raya Haji in Singapore
Hari Raya Haji is the festival of sacrifice.
Latest Pangolin Sightings in Singapore
The Sundra Pangolins were seen in Singapore.
Singapore National Day
The National Day is a commemoration of the independence of Singapore from Malaysia in 1965.
Sports Football: Siti Rosnani Azman's for INAC Kobe Leonessa
WE League: INAC Kobe Leonessa v. Omiya Ardija Ventus on Sunday
Fitness Activities at Pulau Ubin
Pulau Ubin has gained popularity over the years as a quiet escape, even for sports enthusiasts.
3 Places to Go Kayaking in Singapore
If you are a kayak enthusiast, worry not. Singapore has plenty of places to go kayaking.
Staying Fit in Singapore
With the series of COVID-19 restrictions, most of us had to stay fit indoors.
Singapore Tourist and Visitor: Meet Wireless@SG, Singapore's FREE WiFi
Simply, high-speed FREE hotspot and internet which enabled connectivity lifestyle amongst the locals, tourists, and visitors in Singapore
Singapore Food Series: Rojak
A sweet and spicy vegetable and fruit salad.
MacRitchie Reservoir: The Best Place to Go Hiking in Singapore
Singapore is not just an urban jungle. There are plenty of places you can be one with nature.
Singapore Public Swimming Pools for Everyone, including Tourist and Visitors
If swimming is one of your stress reliever, and you are pondering where to visit one in Singapore. Well, we have a list for you.
Have you heard of Singapore’s new Race Law?
Apparently, an upcoming law on racial harmony is in the works.
Have you seen the Tray Return Ambassadors?
Do you remember the time when we had social distancing ambassadors? Well now, we have tray return ambassadors.
How Trace Together Keeps Your Data Secure
Singapore’s TraceTogether programme was used for Singapore’s contact tracing efforts as the red dot fights against COVID-19.
Singapore Local Food Series: Nasi Lemak
Nasi lemak is a local dish that you shouldn't miss!
MOH confirmed 259 new COVID-19 Cases; New Clusters in Singapore
Just when you thought Singapore has hit the highest number in months, it outdoes itself yet again.
Senior Citizens 60 & Above Can Now Get 3rd mRNA Vaccine Jab
The announcement was made by the Multi-Ministry Taskforce (MTF) during a virtual press conference on September 3, Friday.
The Singaporean's Carrot Cake (Chai Tow Kway)
First of all, this carrot cake does not contain carrots.
The Three Kinds of Recruiters You’ll Meet in Singapore
Unemployment in Singapore was a major topic in 2020 – and even until 2021.
How to Find an Apartment in Singapore During the Pandemic
Moving can be tough, but moving during the pandemic is tougher.
The Famous Chili Crab of Singapore
A must-have dish in Singapore!
Singapore Visitors and Tourists: What is the Tray Return Policy?
September 1, 2021, first day of the implementation of the Tray Return Policy.
Buying an eSIM Card Outside Singapore
Did you know that you can purchase a Singapore sim card even if you are overseas? With eSIM, that is now possible. Activation takes less than an hour too.
Singapore's White Rabbit Ice Cream Stick
Your favorite candy is now an ice cream.
Travelling from Singapore to Other Countries During the Pandemic
Before anything else, make sure that you comply with the necessary health protocols of your destination countries. Also check if they allow travellers of your nationality and purpose (business, social …
Can I Enter Singapore During the Pandemic?
Singapore has implemented strict measures for travellers to Singapore.
Malay Barbers in Singapore
Malay barbers are a common sight in the heartlands.
Singapore’s Love for Kaya Toast
Considered one of the components of a traditional Singaporean breakfast, kaya toast goes well with kopi (coffee) or teh (tea).
Senior Citizens Encouraged to Get Vaccinated
The Ministry of Health Singapore has long announced that COVID-19 vaccination is safe and effective.
Innovative Toasts from Our Favourite Local Cafes
Toasts and sandwiches served nowadays aren't just limited to ham and cheese, kaya butter, or French toasts.
Giant Pandas Jia Jia and Kai Kai of River Safari Welcome their First Panda Cub
Singapore’s first panda cub is finally here. It is indeed a panda-mic cub.
Witty and Practical: Singaporean Man is a Walking Vaccination Report
Telling the world that vaccine is important and a good thing. Making it IPX6 certified (sorta), is another thing.
Exploring Singapore in Less than 24 Hours
Spending merely a day in Singapore is not unusual.
Taking Care of Your Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are experiencing stress in various forms.
Magically Perfect: This is Floral Fantasy
Dwarfed by the popularity of the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest, Floral Fantasy is a relatively obscure scenery in Gardens By the Bay.
8 Things to Avoid During the Hungry Ghost Festival
In Chinese culture, the gates of hell are said to open during the fifteenth day of the seventh month in the lunar calendar, which permits ghosts to roam free and …
5 Senior Citizen-Friendly Places to Visit in Singapore
There are a lot of places that senior citizens can visit in Singapore.
I Spy... the Library@Orchard
As a massive travel enthusiast and an avid book reader, my typical itinerary would always involve pinning a local library visit to satiate my cravings for fiction and that perfect …
The Instagram-Worthy Fort Canning Spiral Staircase
Who would’ve thought that metropolitan Singapore is hiding an enchanted not-so-hidden secret?
What Tourists to Singapore Need to Know
If you are a tourist in Singapore, we have compiled some of the information you may need in this single-page article. From clothing, currency, to transportation, this quick bite-sized guide …
Love Bargains? Here’s Where You Can Find the Latest Sales in Singapore
If you love a good bargain, worry not. Here’s where you can find the latest warehouse sales, promotion or clearance sales in Singapore.
3 Ghost Stories to Tell at Night
Oh how we love scary tales. During the Hungry Ghost Festival in Singapore, the spirits of the dead are said to freely roam around the land of the living. So …
Have You Ever Tried the Singapore Luge?
The Luge is worth trying especially with friends or family. It is an adventurous ride that keeps you coming back for more. What are you waiting for? Book now!
Ghost Month Tales of Horror: Overtime
The Singapore Hungry Ghost Festival falls on 22 August this year. So lo and behold, the ghost stories have slowly started circulating online. It does not matter that we are …
Mid-Autumn Festival: What is it about?
Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. When Singaporeans think about Mid-Autumn Festival, mooncakes immediately come to mind. Well, mooncakes and the full moon.
Is Singapore River Safari Worth the Trip?
The Singapore River Safari is worth the trip. It may be difficult to get there, but once you are there, you will have lots to do and your day will …