V Hotel Lavender Review: My 5D4N Stay
On August 26-30, 2022, I had the privilege to experience V Hotel Lavender as my home away from home.
Almost-No-Cost Two-Day Exploration of Singapore
With its dynamic cuisine, beautiful trails, friendly faces and environmentally-friendly infrastructures, 2 days can give you a taste of what this concrete jungle has to offer.
Singapore Budget 2022
Singapore is now rebuilding the economy for the better for all Singaporeans
Zeng, Singaporean, Impresses in a Quiz Show
Human Atlas from Singapore!
Academies and Clubs for Persons With Disabilities to Expand in Singapore
The expansion will help people with disabilities to join sports, as well as develop their skills.
Queen Elizabeth Positive with Covid19
The Queen is in her 90s, and her immune system is vulnerable. Get well soon Queen Elizabeth.
Chinese New Year celebrated by giving goodies to migrant Workers in Singapore
Celebrating the holiday with family and sharing prosperity. Kong He Fat Choi!
Singapore's latest GST Increase
It’s time to recuperate from the Covid-19
Singapore Airlines Open for Applicants
SIA needs a cabin crew!
Tiles Burst in Tampines Home
It’s best if you double-check the house with professional and reliable inspectors.
Phishing Scam Alert Online
Be careful when talking to strangers.
The old man uses a wooden board to move around
Thankfully, there were good samaritans who helped him.
People dig up sea creatures at Changi Beach on Chinese New Year
Let’s continue to protect marine life.
What you need to know about the Singapore GST hike
The GST hike has been held off last year due to the pandemic. Here's what you need to know about the latest hike.
Grab driver crashed after being blinded by the sunlight
Be careful and avoid looking into direct sunlight, as it can damage your eyesight.
New Testing Protocols for Singapore's Vaccinated Travel Lane Passengers as of January 21, 2022
VTL travellers don't need to undergo a supervised Antigen Rapid Test for Covid19.
Expert Committee on Covid19 Vaccination Recommends Booster Shots for Ages 12 to 17
Expert says that booster shots will protect adolescents from the Omicron variant and future variants.
Singapore launches Covid19 vaccines for children ages 5 to 11 years old
We should also protect children against Covid19.
Otters at Geylang Field Singapore
Looks like they wouldn't want to skip training too.
Girl attacked by a peacock at Tavistock Avenue
Animals can be aggressive, so always be careful
Singapore among low-risk countries by the Indian government
Are you from Singapore and need to travel to India? Read this latest information and be updated.
Land Transportation Authority starts to phase out standard tickets on 2022
Digital payments only for transportation tickets in Singapore
Men and women arrested for involvement in job and phishing scam
Scammers are multiplying in numbers, and we need to be vigilant and wise.
An older man tripped and fell on a pedestrian, received help
Accidents happen, and it is good to know that someone still helps those who are in need.
Lions escaped from a container at Changi Airport
Scary real-life scenario. Luckily, the lions didn't attack anyone.
What are the things you should know about Omicron?
Scientific and health experts are still studying the Covid19 Omicron Variant.
Residents at HBD in Singapore Cooks in the Corridor
Please be mindful -- this is a serious fire hazard.
Loke Proves Age is Just a Number
If you give value to physical fitness, indeed, you'll be healthy.
Two travelers from Singapore to Australia tested positive for the Omicron Variant
Another new virus of Covid-19 was identified, now named Omicron (B 1.1.529)
Novavax Apply for non-mRNA Vaccine Approval in Singapore
Will this vaccine will go through? If it will, it will be the second non-mRNA vaccine in Singapore.
Civil Servants will receive year-end payments from the Government of Singapore
The patience and hard work of the civil servants have been much appreciated.
Updates: Transiting through Singapore as of December 02, 2021
Before you travel or transit through Singapore, make sure that you read this. Have a safe travel!
Two Kids Pick Up Litter with their Mum
A community service from their family.
Fire in La Tapería, Shaw Centre
Thankfully, there were no injured individuals.
Latest Update for Covid19 Safety Measures as of November 22, 2021
Singapore ends Stabilisation Phase, welcomes Transitions Phase.
Singapore More Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTLs) Opened
For short-term travelers, the best thing to do at the moment is not to travel to Singapore and to stay home, stay safe.
Gardening Seeds for Free by Auntie Sam
Free packs of vegetable seeds thanks to Auntie Sam
The Emerging Technologies in Human Resources
Technology has made our workplace more dynamic and interesting.
The KAWS: HOLIDAY exhibition in Marina Bay was ordered to stop
Kaws inflatable artwork was ordered to be removed
Bicycle Theft in Singapore, and How Prevent Your Bike from Being Stolen
Be careful where you put your bicycles. Theft can happen to be anyone, anywhere.
ICYMI: Flash Floods in Singapore on Last Week
Heavy rain can cause floods, but it will increase due to clogged drainage, especially in lower areas.
Long-tailed Macaque Having Fun at the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
Animals play and enjoy in their spare time too
Movies Set in Singapore Part 1
Let’s face it, Singapore is really pretty. Not surprisingly, there are several films set in this nation-state.
Bus Collided with Taxi Stand at Yishun Avenue
Accidents happen anytime, anywhere and to anyone. We must be vigilant wherever we are.
Sports Badminton: Yeo Jia Min, Singaporean finished 2nd in Hylo Open 2021 in Germany
Badminton is a sport where physical skills and an active lifestyle.
In a Nutshell: 169 prison inmates have tested positive for Covid-19
On Nov 11, Thu, the Singapore Prison Service (SPS) said that 169 inmates across all prison facilities have tested positive for Covid-19.
Forest Restoration Action Plan for the Labrador Nature Reserve by the Nparks
The National Parks Board (NParks) announced on November 7 that made a Forest Restoration Action Plan for the nature reserves until 2030.
3 Things Tourists Should Know About Visiting Singapore
Straight from a tourist, for tourists
A dog named Chestnut was lost and reunited with its owner
Animals have different behaviours, which most owners know and fully understand.
3 Fun Facts About Singapore
Here are some fun facts that you may not know about Singapore.
Myanmar Fish Farmer Found Dead Near Lim Chu Kang
On October 27, at 12:35 PM, the fish farmer's colleague reported to the police that his co-worker was missing and noticed he was nowhere to be found.